Nissan Genuine Parts are specifically designed for your Nissan vehicle, ensuring perfect fitment, reliability, and durability meaning a consistently high performance in all conditions.

At Alex F. Noble & Son we use certified Nissan technicians to ensure that you receive the best quality service and advice. In addition to this, Nissan Genuine Parts will always be used to maintain and repair your vehicle. There is also the reassurance that all of our Nissan Genuine parts are covered with a 1,2 or 3 year (unlimited mileage) Warranty – based on product type.


In order to keep your Nissan car in top condition and ensure that it meets a minimum safety standard, your vehicle will have to undergo an MOT.

Alex F. Noble & Son can set up your MOT for you and part of our service means that we can also perform a pre-MOT check to ensure that your Nissan motor will pass first time. Get in contact for more information.


Here at Alex F. Noble & Son, we understand that not everyone has the newest and up to date model so Nissan has developed a unique range of parts adapted to fit the needs of older cars. We want to ensure that your vehicle continues to receive high quality parts and maintains to run as smoothly as possible. That’s why at Alex F. Noble & Son we have created affordable parts for vehicles over five years old.


Is it time to book your car in for a service? Well, it couldn’t be easier at
Alex F. Noble & Son. We have an experienced team with expert knowledge that can make the process of a car service as smooth as possible.

Alex F. Noble & Son also offers customers a fixed price service care package:

Minor Service Petrol – £229.00

Major Service Petrol – £309.00

Minor Service Diesel – £269.00

Major Service Diesel – £369.00

Minor Service Electric – £159.00

Major Service Electric – £209.00

Front Pads – £155.00

Rear Pads – £155.00

Front Pads & Discs – £325.00

Standard Battery – £125.00

Battery Stop/Start – £190.00

Aircon Clean – £30.00

Aircon Recharge (New) – £149.00

Aircon Recharge (Old) – £99.00

Front Wipers – £36.00

Rear Wipers – £20.00

Along with this, you’re guaranteed fantastic benefits including one year’s roadside assist worth £95.